MALÁ STRANA  CHAMBER FESTIVITIES                                                                                                                

The Malá Strana Chamber Festivities, as a part of the Czech Culture Festivities from 2002, is one of the most important international chamber music festivals held in Prague. It is an exhibition of the best that the Czech interpretation scene is able to perform. The Malá Strana Chamber Festivities takes place every year in October in the Knights' Hall, a unique venue in the Wallenstein Palace, which Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von Wallenstein had built in 1623 as his Prague residence. The building itself and its rich interior decoration are largely the work of Italian masters.

Prague is the historical seat of the Czech kings, who moved here in the late 9th century. Since the beginning of Czech history, it had been the centre of the Czech Principality, then of the Czech lands and in the 20th century, the first capital of Czechoslovakia and then the Czech Republic. Since 1992, Prague, thanks to its rich architectural monuments, has been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The festival is organized by the civic organization Czech Culture in cooperation with the Senate Chancellery and under the patronage of the Committee on Education, Science, Culture, Human Rights and Petitions

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