The Ethical Code of the Czech Cultural Society I. Introduction The Czech Civic Association - CULTURE - The Czech Republic (hereafter the CCP) appreciates and always respects the interests of all who may be affected by its activities. This approach is one of its fundamental values, which it carefully protects and develops. The main objective of the CCP is to help support education and higher literacy in the Czech Republic, but its artistic production of programs in all areas of the 21st century is an important priority. II. Values ​​The CCP draws its inspiration from the history, history of music, architecture, art history in general, and the knowledge of mankind based on it. Important values ​​for us are: ▪ Human dignity ▪ Equality ▪ Education ▪ Solidarity ▪ Respect for the references of history to art and the greats of world culture ▪ Responsibility to all age generations ▪ Respect for population and culture (standards, values ​​and rules). ▪ Honor and agree with these ethical principles, which are ▪ Professionalism ▪ Responsibility ▪ Honesty ▪ The CCP's belonging focuses on the value of each human being and artistic solidarity, allowing everyone to know and present their artistic expression, regardless of age, gender , sexual orientation, origin, religion or political beliefs. The CCP believes in the power of people, partners, co-workers, employees, and supports the initiative of inspiring to create art for others, from the people themselves. III. Compliance with the CCP's legal regulations always acts in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic and, if such a situation occurs, with other countries. IV. Workers - CCP employees appreciate all the professional and voluntary workers, co-workers and consider them to be their most precious resource for fulfilling their mission. The CCP chooses and recruits, accesses, and entrusts its employees and associates with equal opportunities, based solely on their capabilities, qualifications and professional professional performance. Any discrimination is prohibited. The CCP ensures that all workers know how the internal processes inside the agency work and what work is expected of them. The CCP requires its staff to act on its behalf and to carry out their work at a high professional and ethical level in accordance with its mission. V. The CCP's partners, individual partners, organizations and communities in the CCP are partners of common interest and aim to achieve the ultimate goal of action. The CCP is open to partnering with all organizations that seek effective help and redress to enhance the culture, education, and better literacy of the population of all layers in the Czech Republic. Partnership with other organizations is the basis for providing and disseminating cultural values ​​for the present and future generations, which are the basis for the functioning and principles of a free democratic country of the Czech Republic. VI. Founder Founders are Czech individuals with many years of artistic and business international practice. The CKS os is registered in the Commercial Register under its business name under its own name, to which they may add distinctive amendments. In all business documents, every entrepreneur must state his / her name and registered office, which results from the public register, or the registered office, in addition to the entry in the commercial or other register. it is determined by its principal place of business or residence (Sections 429 and 435 of the CC). VII. Beneficiaries The CCP provides, through its artistic production, as much as it can to help national culture, regardless of religion, race, gender, age, belief and social status. He wants to be close to all who demand, perceive, need, and create culture. We want to help, create, mediate and achieve as much as possible the education of every human life. VIII. Funding The CCP receives funding for its activities from private individuals, non-governmental institutions, churches, companies, government agencies, institutions, European and international institutions, and governments, patrons, sponsors, enthusiasts, or rivalists from any business sector, subject to illegally acquired funds , that is, from crime. The CCP recognizes that the resources it possesses are bestowed by the generosity of donors and the awareness of the social responsibility of the various institutions. Above all, they are responsible for their most appropriate use in accordance with the purpose for which they were provided. Responsibility is a quick and accurate indication of the manner and amount of funds used and the fulfillment of agreed donor commitments. IX. Suppliers and other partners The CCP has equal relations with all those who help us to fulfill our cultural mission, while respecting and respecting each other. Such relationships are created on the basis of fair conditions, trust and responsibility. X. CCP public affairs as a part of cultural and political and social events in the Czech Republic. In her attitudes she tries to defend the interests of her mission, convincing her of raising the overall literacy of the Czech nation, clients, partners and donors. Contribute to scientific and technological development, especially in the field of culture, and help to introduce culture in the field of new modern technologies that are beginning to be included in the artistic fields of the 21st century. XI. Code of Ethics for CCP Workers, Associates, Partners ▪ A CCP employee, associate, partner respects the uniqueness of each person, regardless of his or her origin, ethnicity, race or color, mother tongue, age, health, gender, economic situation, religious and political beliefs and no matter how he participates in the life of the whole society. ▪ The activities related to the content and objective of the CCP that the worker provides must be of the highest professional standard. ▪ Acts to protect the clients' cultural, educational, dignified and human rights. ▪ Comply with all legislation and act in accordance with the CCP's directives and other binding documents. ▪ They respect the knowledge and experience of their colleagues and other professionals. ▪ They treat partners and suppliers with respect and respect, fulfill the agreed commitments and require the same from them. ▪ Always monitor the interest of clients' good and the quality of their services in the cultural field. ▪ They respect the Agency's reputation, separating their personal attitudes and the Agency's attitudes, if different. ▪ They do not provide third parties with any information that could lead to situations that would endanger the life of certain groups, populations or colleagues, or the CCP's reputation. ▪ They do not accept any material or non-material benefits from third parties in return for services provided as part of their work.