The Minister of Culture PhDr. Lubomír Zaorálek takes over the auspice of the  festival cycle Czech culture festivities 2021 

The Czech Culture Festivities, as the essence of the Czech nation's spiritual values, represented by foremost Czech and world artists, originated in the year 2002 through the integration of leading Czech festivals, while preserving their own traditional identities.

The organisers of the following festivals consider the greatest significance of this integration to be the unified support of such art, which has a positive influence on the quality of our daily lives, our thinking and thus also the moral profile of our whole society.

Another unifying attribute, in connection with increasing European economic and social globalisation, is the common need to support "national art" - i.e. art that represents and further develops the creative and interpretational traditions of the Czechs, Moravians and Silesians.

An honorary Committee composed of prominent personalities in Czech cultural life provided the spiritual and artistic auspices for the birth of these festivities: Prof. Zuzana Růžičková (harpsichord), Prof. Ivan Moravec (piano), Prof. Jiří Bělohlávek (conductor), Radovan Lukavský (actor), Josef Jíra (painter) and Ivan Medek (writer).

The individual organisers consider this integration of festivals important for mutual support and the seeking of financial sources that are an indispensable presupposition for realising such high-quality cultural productions.

The dramaturgical variety of the Czech Cultural Festivities, designed to support the general education of the Czech nation, addresses the broad strata of the public of all generations. In addition to the chamber and orchestral concerts, programs created to address young people, theatre performances and exhibitions presenting paintings by leading Czech artists, there are also concerts featuring other genres. Folk music and jazz evenings, as well as shows presenting ethnic art have become a part of the Czech Cultural Festivities. The chief dramaturge of the Czech Cultural Festivities is cellist Jan Páleníček.

      MgA. Jan Páleníček - Chairman of the Czech Culture, dramaturgist of Czech Cultural Festivities